How To Help

Speak out

1. First and foremost, report any adverse health effects or nuisance odors from air pollution to DEQ at 1-888-997-7888, or visit DEQ’s complaints page, or submit a complaint form directly to DEQ.

To help them document the times and areas affected, please continue to report air quality problems as they occur. They keep a log of all reports. Even if you get no response after leaving a message, the calls will be documented. Report every incident. Don’t quit, even if you get no response.

2.  Post the above phone number in public places, give it to your friends and neighbors, and encourage people to call whenever they encounter air quality problems.

3. Most of the people at DEQ and G-P are really good people who would do the right thing if it becomes clear that people actually care enough to do something about it. Relentlessly.  Until it is done.


Let us know what you’d like to do to help, or ask us where help is needed most.  Outreach, fundraising and research are always needed.  Or be creative and design your own volunteer project.  Email

Display a Poster

Download and print one of our posters, and display it in your window.


Send checks to Concerned Citizens for Clean Air, PO Box 264, Seal Rock, OR 97376. Or click here to contribute online!

Contributions are not tax deductible at this time.

NOTE:  Due to concerns about conflict of interest, Concerned Citizens for Clean Air does not accept financial support from companies that are known polluters or from organizations that represent them.

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